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Take out Thursday – Hot Homes
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Take out Thursday

Guess what? it is #TakeOutThursday !


With so many food delivery Apps available, Food take outs for a lazy night in, are literally one click away.

So whatever you are craving tonight, you no longer have to make a phone call, and wait awkwardly on the other end of the phone to place your order. Now you get the full description of the item, with a fancy picture of the delicious food you will be enjoying in a matter of minutes.

Tonight give it a try and relax. The weekend is almost here so why not enjoy a tasty take out, and forget about cooking and doing the dishes.

In the meantime look at these fun stats, perhaps you will be ordering one of these food items tonight ??

These are the most popular delivery items in America:

?Chicken 30%
?Chinese 15%
?Pizza 12.5%
?Burger 7.5%
?Sushi 7.5%
?Mexican 5%
?Pasta 5%

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